SSTRAN AMT3000 – 100 mW transmitter.  Built from a kit.  Kit available from  If you’re ok with a soldering gun, then building this is no problem.


Base-loaded, engineered antenna – in the works as of August 2017.

Annotated Parts list for the base-loaded antenna here along with notes prior to purchase of materials.  My annotated parts list has Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon part numbers for quick location of present cost and availability.

The base-loaded antenna will be mounted on the station exterior with the transmitter mounted directly underneath it outdoors.

SSTRAN antenna
SSTRAN base-loaded, engineered antenna


Original antenna parts list is available here at SSTRAN.  Antenna construction instructions here at SSTRAN.

As of July 2017 – the antenna is the rudimentary antenna supplied with the transmitter kit. Consists of a piece of small gauge wire and a ground wire.  It is simply strung up on the wall.  Specific parts were altered, per the kit assembly plan, to accommodate the permanent antenna in the drawing.