Part 15 information

Arrr, we’re not pirate.


The station is a radio science project of KE0JIT.  KE0JIT is entirely responsible for its broadcast.  Chief Operator Declaration.

Transmitter details

This station broadcasts on 1610 kHz, AM 1610, a frequency where there are no licensed broadcast stations anywhere in the USA.

Transmitter:  an SSTRAN AMT3000, powered to 100 mW, the legal amount permitted to a Part 15, hobby station.


Phvern will broadcast during daylight hours only, depending on the season.  This is necessary due to the atmospheric conditions conducive to bring you the optimum signal from the micro-power transmitter. Nighttime conditions would allow powerful and distant AM radio stations to overpower Phvern.

If, and when, the station also ‘streams’ an Internet signal, you will be able to hear the station outside of daylight hours.  There is no plan presently to stream a signal.

Station owner, Chief Operator, Engineer


US Mail – 5008 Gerritt Ave., Saint Louis, Missouri 63116-3332

Telephone (314) 328-5353

Via Email – radiophvern at

Phvern is not a ham radio operation, but it is operated by ham station KE0JIT.



Expected broadcast range

As of March 2017, the signal might go 250 feet because of the rudimentary antenna.

The transmitter was engineered for a 9 foot antenna that can produce a  range of 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile. Under optimal daylight conditions the range can be 3 miles.

Station engineer is researching ‘carrier-current’ transmission down the power lines, using them as an antenna.

 Hats off

…to the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra film for the silly by-line slogan about ‘science’. The movie inspired silliness, Russell Johnson inspired the movie and turning a lot of kids onto science.