Potential broadcast area near Bevo Mill neighborhood

Researching the feasability of broadcasting in an area of large population density that spans part of Bevo Mill and Dutchtown South neighborhoods.  This is near Gustine and Delor Streets.

To anyone new seeing the blog post should note this is not a pirate radio concept but a flea-powered, legal broadcast idea.

Doing this because it doesn’t look like it will work out in Old North Saint Louis as originally anticipated.



CPU’s acquired

Ok, so two or three CPU’s are in the works now. One is available, one is on stand-by and almost ready, and a third is about to be delivered but needs upgrades.  The real problem now is space to set all this up as intended.

Change in station concept


Out of necessity I am changing the station concept to be more like a beacon signal and not a standard broadcast format. There have been a number of complications in the last 12 months. Finance to equipment challenges have plagued the idea. Essentially I will burn a CD with limited content and ‘loop’ the audio for broadcast.