Transmitter is off until the base-loaded antenna is fully constructed #onsl #part15

The point has been made that this works. I did not power up the transmitter today and will refrain until the permanent antenna is fabricated and installed.

Up to this point I was only looping the same 54 minutes of music and other content eight plus hours a day.  I did this mostly for testing purposes, not entertainment.


1610 kHz broadcast signal propagation

Using a standard automobile AM receiver I have been able to detect broadcast signal dead-zones and hot-zones.  Close to the transmitter an ordinary clock radio is used to confirm a transmitter signal.

At the moment only a wire antenna is attached to the SSTRAN AMT 3000 transmitter. Does not appear the signal goes more than 200 feet.  Best reception thus far is 75 feet or less.

This is a dense, urban area.

I was able to detect a faint signal about 600 feet from the antenna.