Studio considerations

No doubt that Graham and Marconi pondered the implications of their inventions. They permitted a structure to build upon that gives us the internet today. Despite the fact that this station will be flea-powered doesn’t mean that it cannot operate just like a commercial pro station. Where broadcasts can be heard doesn’t mean the studio need be there. Several STL stations are operated out of New York and Ohio. This studio needs eighteen square feet of dedicated space and that might mean locating it outside of ONSL. I can just pipe the signal into the hood.


Progress on engineering

So the aforementioned engineering problem will be overcome, but not at great haste. There was the need for a newer but not new computer (needed USB). Two are lined up to use. A large external hard drive was repurposed for the station. Already had advance access to a large, professional Peavy mixing board. Also several CD players, turntables became available. Looking for monitor speakers at present.

Most importantly, for long term and greatest signal strength, a custom built antenna. Once the computers are configured the station can be on the air quickly. But the temp antenna is only good for 150 foot broadcast area. I expect the custom antenna to cover 1/3 of ONSL and a small part of Hyde Park.