Amateur radio broadcast programs

Permission secured to use “Foundations of Amateur Radio” and “NewsWest”, produced out of Australia by VK6FLAB, about ham radio.

Additional programming resource information posted as it becomes available.



Projected on air date

April 2, 2017.

At firsts there will be a simulcast of NOAA weather radio KDO89.

The transmitter is complete.  Expected to be on the air in April 2017.

I will add real programming but there equipment snags to work out, such as a suitable PC to power the automation.  This way a ‘DJ’ doesn’t have to sit at the console continuously.  In order to actually hear the signal beyond my yard will require the construction of a 9 foot antenna.  The engineering is all worked out; I just need to build it.

The construction of the transmitter was expected months ago, but I made an error on a part and needed a suitable replacment.